Welcome to CareerBoost – a online Job Hunting Programme

CareerBoost is based on peer-to-peer support and the meetings will be led by the participants themselves.

By participating in this programme, you will get the best tips for job search in Finland. This successful programme has been prepared by experienced career coaches and bring you the best advice to support your job search.

Three weeks online-group

CareerBoost is targeted for the unemployed members of six Akava unions. In your group, you can share the successes and disappointments of your job search, get encouragement and feedback, as well as new perspectives on the direction of your own skills and the flow for successful employment.

You can participate in CareerBoost group regardless of where you live.

Each week has its own themes, tips and exercises that will propel you to a new job. The career coach is present at the start of the group during the first week and weekly on Thursdays for joint meetings.

Who can participate in CareerBoost?

If you belong to one of the unions behind CareerBoost and you are unemployed or threatened with unemployment, you are warmly welcome to join. You can participate in CareerBoost regardless of where you live, from anywhere in the world.

Participating unions:

The Union of Professionals in Natural, Environmental and Forestry Sciences Loimu, Suomen Ekonomit, The Professional Community of Academic, Engineers and Architects TEK, The Professionals of Business and Technology TRAL, Social Science Professionals YKA 

CareerBoost ’s weekly online schedule:

Monday from 9:00 to 11:00
Peer group meets online: Lessons learned from the previous week and preparation for the coming week’s themes

Tuesday from 9:00 to 11:00
Job search workshop with your peer group

Independent work and feedback from the peer group for your job application documents

Thursday from 13:00 to 14:30
A job hunting theme meeting led by a career coach or a guest lecturer

Updating your own job search plan

At CareerBoost, you will meet people from different fields, from experts to managers and from recent graduates to experienced professionals. Career coach Pauliina Taipalus will be present at the first meeting of the group in the first week and at weekly meetings on Thursdays.

Feedback from previous CareerBoost participants

Knowing that I’m not alone with the challenge of finding employment; meeting other jobseekers in the same boat.
This program gave me a great boost of confidence. The most useful task for me was CV review by the members of the group.
Thank you organizers, found this extremely helpful. These really helped especially, meeting other professionals in a similar situation, CV & cover/motivation letter, guest speaker, the platform and as a whole, this course definitely boosted my career.”

Welcome to Careerboost again in autumn 2024!

You are warmly welcome to join the new groups again in the autumn. We will announce on this page when registration opens. For more information, you can ask your union’s career services.